Holistic Retreat


Holistic retreat is an opportunity for self-growth, rejuvenation & consciousness expansion. The retreat takes you inside of yourself and helps you to regain a balance between head, heart, body and soul by using a selection of exercises and modalities. It is also a special time to find peace and space away from your daily routine. This retreat is designed to help you tune in to your inner wisdom, create sacredness in your life, increase awareness, create healthy life balance and bring a sense of well-being and renewed purpose.

TranSomatic Wellness program designed by Dr Zana, recognizes positive body intelligence as the foundation and key to our emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. TranSomatic wellness program is a holistic integration of somatic approach with quantum and positive psychology, mindfulness, yoga and transpersonal psychology. Below are some of the concepts and techniques that will be shared during the retreat:

  • What is body intelligence and its relevance for well-being and thriving,
  • Positive psychology and the wisdom of intuition that connects you to your higher-self,
  • Gentle practice of yoga, breathing and meditation (no previous knowledge of yoga required),
  • Specific mediation and mindfulness techniques effective for variety of stress and health conditions,
  • Quantum psychology and power of the mind,
  • Spirituality and sacredness importance in our lives.